04 March 2007

Jason & Guthrie

made & photographed in june 2005

these two dolls were made as a wedding gift for a couple
in New York called Jason and Guthrie.
they are the type of people who needed a really interesting
gift that was personal and very different... so these dolls
came into being.
once made they were photographed 'out and about' on a
sunday stroll in Newcastle, Australia.

they were last seen tightly packed on their way to New York
in july 2005... they never reached the real Jason and Guthrie,
as they moved from the address on the package while the
little dolls were mid flight!
so if you have any information that can help locate these two
missing dolls please leave a message in the comments or email
at the end of this posting.
if you are in New York maybe you know what happens to
undelivered mail? or you found the unopened package in
the apartment corridor? or you just enjoy detective work
and a bit of a treasure hunt?